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Inviting all hackers! Sieberrsec CTF 4.0

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Calling all computing enthusiasts!

The Cybersecurity section of the Hwa Chong Infocomm & Robotics Society proudly presents Sieberrsec CTF 4.0, the third iteration of our annual Cybersecurity Capture-the-Flag contest, open to both beginners and pros alike! (Though the contest will be targeted towards beginners and newcomers, there will be some harder challenges too.) The competition will take place on Saturday, the 7th of Jan, 2023.

A pool of prizes sponsored by organisations such as DSTA and OneRare, along with Cold Hard Cash from our pockets will be up for grabs in both the Secondary and Tertiary categories.

Furthermore, if you are keen to join the vibrant and prestigious Infocomm & Robotics Society, do join this competition! We are always on the lookout for budding Cybersecurity talents.

What is this?

In a Cybersecurity Capture-the-Flag contest, you typically obtain a “flag” by exfiltrating data from a vulnerable website, service or even a memory dump.

In Sieberrsec CTF 4.0, you will get to experience a myriad of challenges from the following exciting categories:

  • Web Exploitation
  • Forensics
  • Binary Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Miscellaneous

Find out more and sign up at!


Join us! IRS Intake 2022

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Hello, incoming J1s! Are you interested in Infocomm or Robotics? Do you have a burning passion for technology? Feel like immersing yourself in coding and engineering?

Then we welcome you to sign up! Head over to to find out more about us and join our vibrant community today!

We may be opening up more Open Sessions in the future – sign up to get updated!


IRS Round 1 Intake 2021

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Hello 2021 IP/DSA J1s!

Are you interested in the field of Infocomm or Robotics? Do you have a burning passion for technology? Feel like immersing yourself in the world of coding and engineering?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘yes’, then the IRS welcomes you to sign up at! Especially if you are keen on website design or development, as *we are specifically scouting for web developers this year!

Look forward to learn more about Competitive Programming 🔢, Cybersecurity 🔒, Machine Learning 🖥️, Robotics 🤖 & Webapp 🌐 from 18 Jan – 24 Jan. Check our Instagram profile as well as other parts of this website for more information!

IRS ExCo 2020/2021


SCSE Computing Challenge 2021

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From 11 December 2020 to 9 January 2020, IRS Machine Learning & Competitive Programming competed in the Nanyang Technological University School of Computer Science & Engineering Computing Challenge 2021. Congratulations to the team comprising Wang Yiqin, Chen Zerui, Alistair Cheong, Tan Yikai and Jiang Zhiheng for winning Overall Champions with their RetinaNet object detection model, Sliding CNN+LSTM model, and stellar presentation. Thank you to NTU for the amazing learning opportunity, and thank you to HCI for giving us the opportunity to participate in this competition!

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Sieberrsec CTF 2021

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HCIRS has organised its very first jeopardy-style CTF this year for secondary school students. The event was held on the 9th of January and received active participation from students across various schools. We would like to congratulate the winners:

1st place – Sean Seah (ACSI)
2nd place – Ivan Tung (HCI)
3rd place – Joey Tang (HCI)
4th place – Zhao Yun (NUSH)
5th place – Theodore Lee (HCI)

Thank you everyone who joined us for our first CTF! We hope that everyone had fun and we can’t wait to bring you an even better CTF next time!


AWS Build On Singapore 2020

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From June to September 2020, HCIRS took part in the Amazon Web Services Build On Singapore 2020 hackathon. After months of grueling preparation, our team comprising Alistair Cheong, Chen Zerui, Wang Yiqin and Wu Jiayang, have emerged as Joint Champions of the Junior Category with their Learning Management System catered to volunteer tuition groups.

We would like to thank AWS for organising this competition, as well as the school for giving us the opportunity to embark on this unique learning experience!

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STACK the Flags 2020

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Over the past weekend, HCIRS took part in GovTech Cyber Security Group’s inaugural STACK the Flags CTF, and achieved commendable results:

Team Mitsusha: Sherman Chann Zhi Shen, Teo Kai Xiang, Choo Zheng Jun, Zhang Yao William

1st Runners Up
Team Chomusuke: Beh Chuen Yang, Zhao Zhongqi, Lim See Min, Wu Jiayang

7th Place
Team Bear: Zhou Taidi, Luo Hongxun, Lien Cai Ting, Theodore Lee Chong Jen

Congratulations to all participants! Thank you to the team at GovTech ensuring that their first CTF ran smoothly for all of us. We look forward to reading everyone’s writeups!