Preparation for Open House

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Phew! With promos over, it’s time to focus on preparing for Open House 2016! We’ve offered to create an open house app for the school – and we will deliver! Work is currently in progress for the Open House Application! This Open House, we’re planning several┬áspecial things to showcase the exciting world of InfoComm and Robotic technology, and of course, the hard work and dedication put into these creations: HC Robot Soccer League What?!? Robots playing soccer in Hwa Chong? Yes, you heard that right. Hwa Chong Robotics regularly participates in the prestigious RoboCup Competition, and it’s time to show off how cool these soccer-playing robots really are! Live Hacking Session Don’t worry, we’re only going to hack our own computers. In today’s world, cyber security is crucial. But before anyone can begin protecting their systems, we must first know […]