Hack & Roll 2018

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On 27 to 28 January, HCIRS participated in NUS Hack & Roll 2018. Within 24 hours, members have to create a “hack” to present to the judges and other participants. This year HCIRS had a hacking good time producing 4 projects: BW – Optical Localisation Plus Robotics Cheap and Simple Indoor Localisation for Collaborative Robotics Instead of having bots in a play field to act autonomously, a central server with a god view of the play field controls them by dispatching commands to each of the bots. This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of the set up, as each bot no longer needs to be fitted with a wide array of expensive sensors, and the server only requires a camera. The god view is attained by having unique AR markers indicating landmarks in the play field, such as the […]