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Sieberrsec CTF 2021

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HCIRS has organised its very first jeopardy-style CTF this year for secondary school students. The event was held on the 9th of January and received active participation from students across various schools. We would like to congratulate the winners:

1st place – Sean Seah (ACSI)
2nd place – Ivan Tung (HCI)
3rd place – Joey Tang (HCI)
4th place – Zhao Yun (NUSH)
5th place – Theodore Lee (HCI)

Thank you everyone who joined us for our first CTF! We hope that everyone had fun and we can’t wait to bring you an even better CTF next time!


AWS Build On Singapore 2020

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From June to September 2020, HCIRS took part in the Amazon Web Services Build On Singapore 2020 hackathon. After months of grueling preparation, our team comprising Alistair Cheong, Chen Zerui, Wang Yiqin and Wu Jiayang, have emerged as Joint Champions of the Junior Category with their Learning Management System catered to volunteer tuition groups.

We would like to thank AWS for organising this competition, as well as the school for giving us the opportunity to embark on this unique learning experience!

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STACK the Flags 2020

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Over the past weekend, HCIRS took part in GovTech Cyber Security Group’s inaugural STACK the Flags CTF, and achieved commendable results:

Team Mitsusha: Sherman Chann Zhi Shen, Teo Kai Xiang, Choo Zheng Jun, Zhang Yao William

1st Runners Up
Team Chomusuke: Beh Chuen Yang, Zhao Zhongqi, Lim See Min, Wu Jiayang

7th Place
Team Bear: Zhou Taidi, Luo Hongxun, Lien Cai Ting, Theodore Lee Chong Jen

Congratulations to all participants! Thank you to the team at GovTech ensuring that their first CTF ran smoothly for all of us. We look forward to reading everyone’s writeups!

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Cyber SEA Games 2020

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Singapore has emerged first in the 2020 Cyber SEA Games after a close competition with many other SEA countries. We are proud to announce that our very own member from HCIRS, Beh Chuen Yang, participated as one of the representatives from the Singapore team. Congratulations to all other participants as well, and let’s continue learning together as a region!


Our first GPU runtime machine!

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On the 24th of August 2020, IRS Machine Learning built its first PC outfitted for Machine Learning purposes. A huge thank you to our CCA teacher Mr Loh for approving our purchase after negotiations. The GPU runtime will sit in Hwa Chong’s Data Centre and will be used by IRS members to provide hardware acceleration for Machine Learning / AI applications, projects and research.

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Whitehacks 2020

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Last week, HCIRS participated in the Whitehacks 2020 competition organised by the SMU Whitehat Society. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved commendable results:

Team Saliency: Teo Kai Xiang, Zhao Zhongqi, Lien Cai Ting

1st Runner-Up
Team Mihara: Zhang Yao William, Sherman Chann Zhi Shen, Luo Hongxun

7th Place
Team X Æ A-12: Zhou Taidi, Lim See Min, Wu Jiayang

15th Place
Team Sannin: Beh Chuen Yang, Choo Zheng Jun, Tan Teong Seng

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to the organisers for creating such a fun event for all of us! We learned a lot and we look forward to next year’s iteration!


National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2020

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HCIRS has once again bagged several awards at the 23rd annual Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics 2020, achieving 2 golds and 3 silvers.

Gold medallists
Tan Yi Kai
Stuart Lim Yi Xiong

Silver medallists
Quek Jia Zhi, Shuan
Zhao Zhongqi
Jiang Zhiheng

We would also like to thank our teachers and seniors for their guidance and we will continue striving for excellence in future editions!

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Brainhack 2020

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Last week, HCIRS participated in Brainhack 2020 organised by DSTA, which comprised the CDDC and TIL competition, and achieved these outstanding results:


Sherman Chann Zhi Shen, Teo Kai Xiang, Wu Jiayang, Zhang Yao William

1st Runners’ Up
Beh Chuen Yang, Choo Zheng Jun, Tan Teong Seng, Zhao Zhongqi

8th Place
Zhou Taidi, Luo Hongxun

14th Place
Bryan Shan Guanrong, Guan Yangchen, Lien Cai Ting, Lim See Min


1st Runner-Up
Chen Zerui, Huang Junwei, Jiang Zhiheng, Li Yuanfei, Wang Yiqin, Zhang Yining

Congratulations to all teams! Huge thanks to the team at DSTA for organizing the event and providing us with this excellent opportunity to learn!

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Cyberthon 2020

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Two weeks ago, HCIRS sent out two teams to participate in Cyberthon 2020 (which had been moved online), and achieved the following excellent results:

Overall Champion, CSIT Category Award, Network Security Category Award, Operating Systems Category Award & Web Services Category Award
Members: Sherman Chann, Teo Kai Xiang, William Zhang and Wu Jiayang.

Overall 1st Runner-Up
Members: Beh Chuen Yang, Bryan Shan, Choo Zheng Jun, Wang Yiqin

Hwa Chong Institution also received commendation from Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen on Facebook, for its ability to adapt to restrictions during the circuit breaker period by holding Cyberthon 2020 fully online.

Congratulations to both teams for their excellent performance!