Cyber Security

Whitehacks 2020

Last week, HCIRS participated in the Whitehacks 2020 competition organised by the SMU Whitehat Society. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved commendable results:

Team Saliency: Teo Kai Xiang, Zhao Zhongqi, Lien Cai Ting

1st Runner-Up
Team Mihara: Zhang Yao William, Sherman Chann Zhi Shen, Luo Hongxun

7th Place
Team X Æ A-12: Zhou Taidi, Lim See Min, Wu Jiayang

15th Place
Team Sannin: Beh Chuen Yang, Choo Zheng Jun, Tan Teong Seng

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to the organisers for creating such a fun event for all of us! We learned a lot and we look forward to next year’s iteration!

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