IRS Round 1 Intake 2021

Hello 2021 IP/DSA J1s!

Are you interested in the field of Infocomm or Robotics? Do you have a burning passion for technology? Feel like immersing yourself in the world of coding and engineering?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a β€˜yes’, then the IRS welcomes you to sign up at! Especially if you are keen on website design or development, as *we are specifically scouting for web developers this year!

Look forward to learn more about Competitive Programming πŸ”’, Cybersecurity πŸ”’, Machine Learning πŸ–₯️, Robotics πŸ€– & Webapp 🌐 from 18 Jan – 24 Jan. Check our Instagram profileΒ as well as other parts of this website for more information!

IRS ExCo 2020/2021

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