Hwa Chong Students Improve on Performance in 20th National Olympiad in Informatics

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For the 20th National Olympiad in Informatics, Hwa Chong has once again achieved excellent results! The team garnered a total of 5 Golds, 3 Silvers, 1 Bronze and 1 Honourable Mention. Furthermore, the team obtained the top secondary school award as well as the runner-up junior college award. Finally, two members of the team obtained the top secondary school contestants award.

We would like to thank our seniors and teachers (Mr Koh Kim Tian & Ms Goh Keng Wah) for their continued support and guidance, and will strive to do even better in future editions!

Hwa Chong @ NOI 2017

Cyber Security

Hwa Chong clinches top positions in Cybersecurity Competition

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Two teams from Hwa Chong Infocomm and Robotics Club Society participated in the annual Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp.

After a gruellling nine-hour hacking and tinkering, both of our teams emerged within the Top 5, including the highly coveted first place, amongst a total of 100 teams.

For more details:

champion_groupChampion team (t0x1c v4p0r) consists (left to right): Ragul, Yicheng, Bailin, Jie Feng

radar_teamTeam (az1d0az1d3 az1d3) Guy in black: Ying Keat ; Guy in white: Radar


19th Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI)

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Hwa Chong - NOI'16

Hwa Chong racked quite a few awards at the 19th annual Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI). This year we continued our tradition of excellence taking home 10 medals ( 100% medal rate! ), 2 Golds 6 Silvers & 2 Bronzes. We also took home the runner up for best secondary school & the youngest medallist! We hope this is just the beginning to another exciting year of competitive programming activities in Hwa Chong.


A huge thanks to our seniors( Wang ZhiJian, Gan “William” Wei Liang, Mark Theng & Bernard ), teachers ( Mr Koh KT & Mrs Goh KW ), student trainers ( Damian, Ming Jiang, Wei Seng & Jiefeng ) as well as the NUS Dec training staff & students ( Wen Yuen[RI], Guang Xuan[RI], Jacob[NUSH], Sean Pek[ex-NUSH], Howe Choong Yin[ex-NUSH] & Ranald[ex-RI] ) and for teaching and challenging the limits of what we could do 😊!


Hwa Chong - NOI'16
Hwa Chong – NOI’16
Cyber Security

We won 2nd Place at WhiteHacks@SG 2016!

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We tinker with cybersecurity and we’re quite good at it too. WhiteHacks is a 2-day competition, organised by Singapore Management University, under the banner of Whitehat Society, where you pit your skills against the other teams in a Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag competition!


We can proudly say that the HCIRS team has done us proud and clinched 2nd place, beating the next competitor by over 3 times in points.


Read more about WhiteHacks at

T0X1C V4P0R - 2nd Placing
T0X1C V4P0R – 2nd Placing

Preparation for Open House

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With promos over, it’s time to focus on preparing for Open House 2016!

We’ve offered to create an open house app for the school – and we will deliver! Work is currently in progress for the Open House Application!

This Open House, we’re planning several special things to showcase the exciting world of InfoComm and Robotic technology, and of course, the hard work and dedication put into these creations:

HC Robot Soccer League

What?!? Robots playing soccer in Hwa Chong?

Yes, you heard that right. Hwa Chong Robotics regularly participates in the prestigious RoboCup Competition, and it’s time to show off how cool these soccer-playing robots really are!

Live Hacking Session

Don’t worry, we’re only going to hack our own computers.

In today’s world, cyber security is crucial. But before anyone can begin protecting their systems, we must first know how others would potentially exploit security systems. That’s where the hacking comes in.

Here at Hwa Chong InfoComm, we want our members to learn how to protect their computers, servers and websites. So look forward to a few of our members tearing up a virtual machine!

Website and Game Showcase

Obviously, here at Hwa Chong InfoComm and Robotics Society, we also create things – cool games, stylish websites and smexy robots. Get a glimpse into what you can potentially do at Hwa Chong InfoComm and Robotics Society!


So what are you waiting for? Prepare to feast your eyes on some cool stuff on 12 Jan 2016!


Our Plan for 2015Q4.

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3/4 of the year is almost over, time files. So here’s the plan for the fourth and final quarter of 2015.

  1. Open House App 2016 – Yes we gonna make an app for Hwa Chong Open house on primarily iOS and possibly Android, maybe even as a webapp. Details are scarce as of now, will update as time progresses.
  2. – Our way better online code judge system, most of the development has been done we’re finishing up now.
  3. Electronic Messages – Basically Better EMB, thats some dangerous territory tho?
  4. More stuff to come.

But most importantly, Good Luck for Promotional Exams! Our Session will resume immediately after Promos are over, so that we can get back on track. See you very soon 🙂 and study hard.