About Us

We are the Hwa Chong Infocomm & Robotics Society!

The Hwa Chong Infocomm & Robotics Society (HCIRS) is a home for those with a keen interest in information technology, robotics, engineering, and the like. It has 5 sections:

Competitive Programming

Why learn competitive programming? It’s the easiest way to demonstrate your prowess with data structures and algorithms during technical job interviews, and make you an attractive hire.

It is recognized and supported by several multinational software companies, such as Google and Facebook, to make their software more resource-efficient. Competitions generally involve solving logical or mathematical problems, with creative algorithms which are then implemented in code.

This is why at IRS Competitive Programming, we teach you a wide variety of basic to advanced algorithms and data structures, as well as how to tweak them for various use cases to prepare you well for interviews or competitions.


The IRS Cybersecurity section aims to teach members basic and advanced techniques to infiltrate vulnerable applications and find hidden information. We nurture young white hat hackers who excel at penetrating systems to improve cybersecurity for everyone. We participate frequently in online Capture-The-Flag events where we sharpen our skills, and we have won the champion and 1st runner-up titles for the Cyberthon, DSTA CDDC, Whitehacks, and STACK the Flags CTFs that were held locally. We also recently held our very own CTF, Sieberrsec CTF, aimed at secondary school students. Join us today to learn more about hacking!

Machine Learning

The IRS Machine Learning section grooms Hwa Chong’s in-house Artificial Intelligence experts. We specialize in theory surrounding how machine intelligence works in code. We also apply AI in practice by using frameworks like Tensorflow and Pytorch to train AIs to perform human tasks, including computer vision, natural language processing, trend prediction, and trend regression. We have our own PC outfitted specifically for AI projects, so fret not if you are concerned about the large computational requirement of Machine Learning, as we’ve got you covered. Join us if you want to be well-versed in AI, the technology that’s currently in vogue and that will definitely increase your employability!


The IRS Robotics section aims to develop the next generation of top tier engineers. It focuses on three competitions: RoboCup (Soccer Robot), VEX, and the National Robotics Challenge (Lego). Robotics has its very own microsite and it can be found here.


The IRS Web/App section develops websites and mobile applications with a diverse portfolio. We host many WordPress sites for not only our own CCA, but we are also trusted by may other CCAs to provide a reliable, dependable web hosting service. We also create multi-platform applications such as iTap, an automated attendance-taking app deployed by some CCAs, HCGarden, an app that shows off the flora and fauna found in our school, and we have been contacted by Science Centre Singapore to produce a similar app for their green spaces. We are talented and passionate about coding and creating apps that are helpful to others.

Executive Committee & Division Leads

  • Alistair Cheong Liang Chuen – President
  • Tan Kai Cong – Vice President
  • Kenneth Wong Cun Wi – General Secretary
  • Tan Yi Kai – Section Head (Competitive Programming)
  • Wu Jiayang – Section Head (Cybersecurity & WebApp)
  • Wang Yiqin- Section Head (Machine Learning)
  • Chew Chern Jin, Aegan – Section Head (Robotics)
  • Tan Chern Lin, Justin – President
  • Tan Teong Seng – Vice President
  • Wang Qin – Logistics I/C
  • Lim Sze Ying – General Secretary
  • Benson Lin Zhan Li – Training Head (Competitive Programming & Machine Learning)
  • Teo Kai Xiang – Training Head (WebApp Development & Cybersecurity)
  • Lim Jing Heng – Training  Head (Robotics)

Executive Committee:

  • Benjamin Luo – President
  • Sim Justin – Vice President
  • Leong Deng Jun – Logistics I/C
  • Wong Jia Yi – General Secretary


Division Leads:

  • Teow Hua Jun – Competitive Programming
  • Benjamin Luo –  Robotics
  • Lye Wen Jun – Web & App Development
  • Sun Yiran – Machine Learning
  • Leonard Ong – CyberSecurity
  • Damian Ho – President
  • Teoh Xu En – Vice President
  • Li Bailin – President
  • Eleanor Loh – Vice President

Executive Committee:

  • Samuel Leong – President
  • VS Ragul Balaji – Vice President


Division Leads:

  • Jie Feng – Competitive Programming
  • Samuel Ang –  Robotics
  • Ragul Balaji – Web & Robotics
  • Yi Cheng – Web
  • Dae Koon – President
  • Fan Pu – Vice President


Our IRS family over the years!
  • Alistair Cheong Liang Chuen
  • Beh Chuen Yang
  • Chen Zerui
  • Chew Chern Jin, Aegan
  • Goh Jin Yuan
  • Huang Junwei
  • Jiang Zhiheng
  • Kenneth Wong Cun Wi
  • Kwee Tze Wei, Bernard
  • Leo Xi Ning
  • Lim See Min
  • Li Yuanfei
  • Lucas Thong Jiemin
  • Luo Hongxun
  • Si Wen Xuan, Terry
  • Stuart Lim Yi Xiong
  • Su Shenyi
  • Tan Kai Cong
  • Tan Yi Kai
  • Wang Yiqin
  • Wu Jiayang
  • Yeo You Ming
  • Zhang Yining
  • Zhao Zhongqi
  • Zhou Taidi
  • Amadeus Aristo Winarto
  • Benjamin Luo
  • Chai Yi Chen
  • He Shaoliang
  • Justin Sim
  • Leonard Ong
  • Leong Deng Jun
  • Lim An Jun
  • Lye Wen Jun
  • Ng Yu Peng
  • Ngo Phuc Cuong
  • Seah Zi Xiang
  • Sun Yiran
  • Teow Hua Jun
  • Than Duc Huy
  • Tong Zheng Hong
  • Wong Jia Yi
  • Wong Ying Yee
  • Yang Yue
  • Ho Xu Yang, Damian
  • Lee Ian Ee
  • Leong Xin Lei
  • Liew Zhao Wei (~zwliew)
  • Sheyuan Yeo
  • Silas Yeo Shuen Yu
  • Tan Wei Seng
  • Teoh Xu En
  • Toh Jing Hua
  • Zhang Chenxin
  • Pan Taixi
  • Ng Ho Chi
  • Eleanor (~eleanor)
  • Bailin
  • Seung Ha
  • Lena
  • Christopher
  • Ruida
  • Jet Tan
  • Joshua
  • Skyler
  • Mei An
  • Yi Dah
  • Jue Yu
  • Juay Hee
  • Ying Keat